About Us

At InterOp Health, our goal is to be your trusted partner in fulfilling your Healthcare IT and Technology needs.  Our founder is not a pure business man.  He has over a decade of professional experience in Software and Systems Development ranging from web technologies to hospital systems and is considered to be a Cerner expert.  His experiences include full Software Development Lifecycle development such as requirements gathering, design, development, unit testing, acceptance testing, deployment (go-lives) and production support.  Very rarely will you find a founder that actually has technology experience.  With the knowledge that he possess, we are very confident that we can fulfill your Healthcare Technology needs with the right individual.


Trust:  We build trust by focusing purely on the solution for your needs first.  We will consult with all parties involved in decision making, derive a solution and provide you with the best candidate to fulfill your technology needs.  Your trust is the cornerstone to our success and a long-term relationship.

Integrity:  We will always focus on providing you with the best possible solutions for you first as our equal partners and not our personal gains.  We want you to know that we are with you during this time of need and we want you to have full trust in us that we will put your needs ahead of ours.

Candidate Qualification:  We have the technology background and experience to accurately and systematically determine if a candidate is the right fit for your needs.  Our candidates are fully screened, interviewed and have had their professional references checked to ensure that they are the most qualified candidate for your needs and can perform when they are brought on board.   

Solution That Makes Sense:  By putting your needs first, you will realize that we are always looking for solutions that makes sense to you and your needs.  We will address your technology needs, the environment they will be working in, what skills are needed to perform the job at the highest level possible, would it make sense to arrange a contract, contract-to-hire or direct hire and what their day-to-day consist of so that we can intelligently and confidently provide you with the best possible solution that makes sense.


The majority of our talents are considered to be Healthcare IT experts.  InterOp Health’s candidates work with physician managers and healthcare administrators to ensure Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Computerized Physician Order Entries (CPOE) and financial data remains secure, yet easily accessible, allowing physicians and administrators quick access to important records and the ability to deliver quality care to their patients in the most efficient way possible.


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